What Osmosis is All About

YooShi is a token built on Binance Smart Chain and has a total fixed supply of 1 quadcraton. It is a community-led platform since the ownership of the contract has been transferred to a burn wallet. YooShi’s supply is seeded as liquidity, meaning there is no presale and no token allocations to team members. 3% of every transaction fee is locked as liquidity in PancakeSwap YOOSHI/BNB pool. It has a market cap of around $775 million, and its market rank is #229. The monthly ROI (Return of Investment) has been 464%, and during the past four months, YooShi had a 127% growth rate on Twitter.

What Technologies are Behind YooShi?

Black Hole Algorithm

VIDYA is a DeFi gaming token and escrow solution for PvP games, esports betting, and wagering. VIDYA token is an ERC-20 token on Ethereum and is the medium of exchange to the system. There are currently about 2,300 wallets with VIDYA. Its return on investment (ROI) over the past year has been 688%, and it currently has a $9 million market cap with a max supply of 50,000,000, of which 38 million tokens are in circulation. It ranks #1159 in market cap rankings.

Vaporwave aesthetic is an inspiration to VIDYA’s designs

Innovations of VYDIA

TeamOS: A Gateway to Vidya Games



Deepspace’s Key Features

OlympusDAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) based on a $OHM token. It is a reserve currency protocol that aims to become a crypto-native stable currency. It maintains stability and purchasing power via using a floating market price, and the shareholders vote all changes to the OlympusDAO. $OHM is the top rebase token by market capitalization. There are 5,250,947 $OHM tokens, and about 82% (4,310,031 OHM) are in circulation. OlympusDAO’s current market capitalization is $3,781,337,563 and ranks #55 in the market capitalization rankings.


First Thing’s First, What is a DAO?

Wonderland is a fork of Olympus and is the first decentralized reserve currency protocol on Avalanche Network. Wonderland is based on TIME token which is backed by “a basket of assets” e.g., MIM, TIME-AVAX, LP Tokens, etc. in the wonderland treasury, giving it an intrinsic value that it cannot fall below. In order to participate in the market, there are two strategies available: minting and staking. stakers stake TIME tokens and receive more TIME tokens, and minters provide LP or MIM tokens and receive discounted TIME tokens in return after a fixed vesting period. TIME has a market capitalization of $1,676,122,369 and is ranked #96 in the market cap rankings. In its early days, TIME’s market cap rank was #774.


Komodo is a decentralized exchange, a crowdfunding platform, a privacy cryptocurrency, and a fuel for language-agnostic smart contract technology. It has features which can be rarely found in a singular blockchain altogether. Komodo is also behind AtomicDEX, a DEX which supports more than 95% of all cryptocurrencies in the market.


Komodo is also the team…

BitTorrent is the largest file sharing protocol where users act as seeds, allowing others to connect to the network and download files from these seeds. The platform is so popular that back in 2015, it was estimated that 20% of all broadband traffic is available on BitTorrent.


Terms To Know Before You Torrent

OMG Network is a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum which aims to achieve higher transaction speed while keeping transaction fees as low as possible. It’s a scaling protocol built on Ethereum Plasma framework, making it more secure. However, it is not a new project. OMG Network is formerly known as Omisego, a project started by the company Omise. Omise is an online payment gateway based in Thailand. It was founded in 2013 by June Hasegawa. Omise was the project to push forward with Plasma. During the ICO back in 2017, $25 million was raised and 65 million tokens were sold. In late 2019 the Founder and CEO were replaced and the project got back on track, resulting in parting ways with the company.


Sublime Error

Blockchain enthusiast and aspiring NFT artist who researches on different projects and gathers the results all in one place.

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